What I Do at Get Sponsored to Fish by Randy Yancey

What I Do at GetSponsoredtoFish by Randy Yancey

This is a short video (1 min) on what I do for fishermen/women as ‘Fishing Category Mgr’
for Modern Outdoor Media @getsponsoredtofish on Instagram.

If I sent you to this link you will need to watch the entire video and then go to the following link
and check the site out thoroughly. www.modernoutdoormedia.com/social-media-growth/.

For a series of videos on ‘How to Get Started in the Outdoor Industry’ check out
this awesome series from Westin Yancey, at @wryoutdoormedia here on Youtube.

Share link; https://youtu.be/-ENSKshsN98

Want to learn why the pros catch fish and most of us don’t?  Click this link, ‘Pro Bass Fishing Training Manual’ to find out their secrets!

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