Ultimate Fishing Experience 2020 – E.3 – Pre-spawn Spring Smallmouth Bass Fishing with Wired2Fish

Few fish in freshwater are as curious as the smallmouth bass. No matter what it is, if it moves, they often can’t help themselves but check it out. The key for Wired2Fish anglers, Kyle Peterson and Mitch Anderson, is to find the right bait and action that will turn smallmouth bass lookers into biters. Join them in their Lund 1875 Renegade boat for a day of freshwater bass fishing on Lund’s Ultimate Fishing Experience.

One day slow and steady could be the ticket, the next fast and erratic will be what triggers them. The good news is smallies will often tell you in a hurry if you’re doing something right or something wrong. Just like a cat stalking a toy mouse on a string, sometimes not until you move your bait just right will a small mouth pounce. They definitely are a fish with personality plus, and this is what makes fishing small mouth bass so much fun.


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