Tying The BEST Fly for BIG Bass in Clear Water – (Step-by-Step + Underwater Footage)

Here is my best fly for catching BIG Largemouth Bass in clear water. My PB Largemouth (around 6 pounds) came on this fly, along with most of my other really big bass from public water. Full list of ingredients below…

Hook: Allen S201
Thread: White
Tail: White marabou
Flash: Flashabou or crystal flash
Body: Chartreuse Ice Dub
Hackle: White hen neck hackle
Wire: Green Ultra-wire
Head: Lazer Dub
-Any stick on eyes work fine
-I use epoxy to finish the head because it is cheap and durable. There are many other products out there (UV stuff) that works just as good.

I will keep posting fly tying tutorials once a week or so if I continue to get good support on them. Especially this time of year when fishing is hard to come by here in NW Ohio. As always, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Thanks for watching!


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