Traffic Safety Signs and Their Meanings in Hindi | Accident से बचने के लिए जानिए !!!

Road symbols are the pictorial representations having the different necessary information required to be understood by every road user. Whether a person on the vehicle or a pedestrian, a sound knowledge of traffic signs is a must. Being aware of the road signs will help you to recognize the meaning and importance of each and every sign such as the road conditions ahead, what instructions you should follow at the major crossroads or at the junctions, proper warnings, and guidance for the drivers. Forgetting a driving license, a person must be completely familiar with the traffic signs- verbally as well as on paper.

Mandatory Signs:

These signs are for informing the users about the specific laws & regulations to ensure safety and to make sure about the clear movement of traffic. As the name itself says mandatory, that means any violation of these signs will leave you in trouble and that will be considered as a legal offence. These signs notify a person about the special obligations, prohibitions and the restrictions. Most of the signs under this category are round shaped, may get the symbols painted white on a blue background, having a white border or maybe there is a white background to carry black symbols with a red border. However, the last-mentioned may also be associated with restrictive signs.

Cautionary Signs:

Cautionary signs are used to give a warning to the road persons of the coming hazardous conditions on the way or beside the roadway. With the help of those symbols the motorcyclists can be careful and can mould the situation accordingly, whatever comes ahead.

Informatory Signs:

These are the signs, which will provide the road users a guided information. For example, information about the routes, destination, how much remaining distance is there, historical and geographical locations. Informatory signs are the ones that will make your safari more pleasant, safe and easier. They usually get a broad sky-blue border, holding the signs in between that are of black color.

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