Trading Strategy for day traders. Live London Forex Trading Session, The money making channel.

Trading Strategy for day traders. Live Forex trading session.
Follow our trades for free and see how we trade forex.

We trade markets profitably for many years and as a proof we keep our day trading records for free on this channel for any sceptical investors.

Our best selling trading strategy course is on

We provide a 15 minutes FREE One on One coaching session. To book your slot go to

The strategy is based on quantitative trading. We do not automate it because we have to change conditions on entry or exit positions quite often. The advantage of such trading approach is that we don’t lose money. NEVER, for many years.

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We are trading 1pip=£100. You can trade 1pip=£10 or £5. It is all about how big is your trading account.

This is not a trading course or a seminar where somebody trying to teach the audience new ideas of trading. All of this happens live in front of you.

We are not giving any recommendations or advice when and where to invest. All of this you can find through our Trading Strategy course and live trades.

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For 1 Hour live trading course go to

Every week we make a donation from our profit to different charities. You can join us and help others at: Thank you.

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