The Ten Fish Facts You Need To Know About Bass Fishing

The ten fish facts you need to know about bass fishing for largemouth bass will increase your chances of finding the perfect fishing spots.

What Is The Ideal Water Temperature To Catch Largemouth Bass?

Largemouth Bass are most active when the water temperature is between 58 Degrees F. and 75 Degrees F. so pay attention to your fishing forecast

Your Largemouth Bass Fish Philosophy Should Include Avoiding:

Nicotine, human sweat, sunscreen and perfume can sabotage your bait.

Good luck getting a largemouth bass to strike your bait when he thinks it’s been tainted.

One Of The Best Fishing Tips About Bass Is To Fish In Shady Areas

Largemouth bass don’t have eyelids and they seem to prefer looking at their prey from shady, secluded spots.

Do Full-grown Largemouth Bass Travel in Packs Like Wolves?

Full-grown bass are not like other game fish. They are extremely territorial and will aggressively defend their territory.

This is good for you if you find these fishing spots!

Why Don’t Largemouth Bass Bite During A Cold Front?

You are in for a payday if you follow your fishing report and know when a cold front is coming. Bass will binge eat until the cold front hits and that’s good for you.

Do Largemouth Bass Have A Great Sense Of Hearing?

Essentially their whole body acts like an ear. This is how they catch their prey.

At the same time, they don’t like to hear unfamiliar noises so keep quiet.

Why Do Largemouth Bass Have A Lateral Line Running Along Their Body?

This is their prey detector. It helps them determine the size, shape and speed of its prey.

If I’m Not Having Luck, Should I Move To Other Fishing Spots?

Remember, largemouth bass are territorial and they will defend their territory. This is an opportunity to land a prize largemouth bass.

Patience Grasshopper.

What Should I Know About Largemouth Bass Fishing?

If you caught a fish, remember the spot exactly. Within a few days, another largemouth bass will show up and claim that spot.

Is There Anything Else I Should About Largemouth Bass Fishing?

Yes, largemouth bass have excellent smell and they use it to avoid predators and use it to hunt prey.

Thanks for watching this video. I hope you learned some fish facts about largemouth bass.

So the next it’s “5 O’Clock Somewhere”, put the “Gone Fishing” sign out and enjoy your trip.

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