The #1 BASS LURES For SUMMER (Summertime Bass Fishing Tips)

Today I am looking at the best bass lures for summer. There are a lot of different lures that can work, but in this video I break down which lure to fish and where!

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When it comes to summertime bass fishing, you really have to divide the summer into three main phases. Early summer, mid summer and late summer.

During each one of these phases, the bass are typically doing something a little bit different so it is important to select the right lure that is going to fit the situation.

It seems that during early summer that the bass can be aggressive and will hit baits like crankbaits, swimbaits, and topwater really well. These are my favorite lures for early summertime bass fishing.

During mid summer, I will to to use a big worm and a jig every slowly to entice non active bass to strike. I will also you a large flutter spoon at this time to get suspended bass to bite.

During late summer I typically go with finesse and power fishing techniques like a drop shot, small swimbait and a frog!

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