Super Mario Maker Playing Your Levels Live Part 1 (3/19/16)

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Chat Rules:
-Don’t ask to become a mod
-Be respectful of others, that means EVERYONE!
-Do not abuse the caps lock or shouting
-Don’t spam with emoji or random letters or numbers
-I like to keep things PG if possible, maybe PG-13 at most, just dont abuse the swearing!
-Please don’t ask for shout out requests, i will acknowledge you if you say hello
-Please only english in the chat
-Most of all, just have fun!!!

I play user levels in the order i receive them and try to beat all levels i receive, i play most kinds of levels, but i will NOT play Panga and Rubber Ross levels. I usually give each level a fair amount of time, but will move on if a level takes too long or if im stuck. I ask only 1 level per user, unless i have no levels to play, then i will accept any levels regardless of user. Don’t forget to Subscribe!

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