STRAFED BY ARMY HELICOPTER Smallmouth Bass Fishing Cheat River West Virginia river smallmouth bass

The Cheat River that runs through northern West Virginia has become my favorite place for smallmouth bass fishing. The huge boulders and constant current make it a perfect smallmouth haven. This particular day was after about a solid month of drought, as you can see by the water levels! It was awesome being able to pick the deep spots easily, and being able to walk right up to them where normally you would have water over your head and a current you couldn’t survive. the water was crystal clear and the fish were hungry. I got strafed by an army helicopter right as I was landing a smallmouth!!!! Shortly after the helicopter flew over I went to take a picture of said fish and bloop, in the river my iphone goes! What an epic day, from seeing the scenery how I never have before to catching some beautiful smallmouth bass all in the wild n wonderful West Virginia. If you enjoyed this video please leave a comment below, also hit that like button and smash the subscribe button. Thanks for watching, TIGHT LINES!!!


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