SMC Episode 12:10 – Mikey Balzz vs. Scott Martin – Okeechobee Bass Fishing Challenge

Part 1 – Trash Talking Bass Fishing beat down on Lake Okeechobee with Team Micky Balzz / Donny Bass vs. Scott Martin / Juan Ruiz. This show is all about being the king of beautiful Lake Okeechobee out of the Clewiston Florida area….Scott and Mikey really want to beat each other! This show is full of some trash talking and some good fishing tips that will help you learn how to fish Lake Okeechobee. From Flipping mats to flipping for spawning bass in the grass holes…this show is packed full of great fishing tips and instruction. The challenge is set…Scott and Juan is fishing hard to take Mikey Balzz flower lucky hat!

Hope you enjoy…please drop a comment below and also check out the Mikey Balzz youtube channel.


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