Smallmouth bass fishing – Shawnigan Lake BC

This video is about fishing for smallmouth bass. We were fishing at Shawnigan lake BC. The Lure are used to catch all of the smallmouth bass was a blue fox quarter ounce vibrex chartreuse spinner with yellow bucktail. We rented our boat from shawnigan lake seadoo rental. . Contact information is in the video. Thanks again to Air BNB. We really enjoyed staying at the Shawnigan lake chalet. I filmed this video using my. Go-pro hero 4 silver. Waterproof go pro case with floating handle. Waterproof go pro case on elastic head gear. iPhone 5s. DJI Oslo mobile 2 . I edited this video on my. Apple iMac. and. Apple iMovie. The purpose of this video was too. Grow my YouTube channel. Gain more subscribers. Get more likes. But most of all of this video was just for fun. FishGawd


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