Recommended Tackle for Redfish & Snook Fishing

In this video, I show you what inshore rod and reels that I personally favor for catching snook and redfish. I’m a big fan of St. Croix rods; I like the Mojo inshore series because of their affordability and durability. St. Croix also has a favorable warranty and great customer service. For the reels, I have been utilizing the old school Penn 4400SS model that was made in America. This reel is built like a tank and has withstood the elements and years of hardcore fishing. The Penn Battle is another great reel, and at $100.00, it can’t be beat for the recreational fisherman. Last but not least I favor the Shimano sustain, the light weight and smooth mechanics of this reel will make you want to stay on the water even longer. Shimano has always been a reputable brand and I stand by their products 100 percent. If you have a combination that you favor, please tell us why. Please rate and subscribe. Thank you!

Gear Shown:
Penn 4400SS
Penn Battle 4000
Shimano Sustain 3000
St. Croix Medium & medium light Mojo Inshore fishing rods
Fishware Outfitters fish apparel

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