Rained out on the 4th of July – Pomme de Terre Lake

This did not go as planned!! lol

We’re some serious campers – okay? We had a nice weekend booked at Pomme de Terre Lake to spend our 4th of July, and as you can tell, it didn’t go as we had planned! We were rained out pretty fast. Our regular camp spot was booked by someone else, so we camped on the “Camper/RV side” – yeah, we were outcasts in our little tent. It POURED but it didn’t stop us from making breakfast, and then shamelessly using our canopy for cover to load everything (including our ruined tent) into the bed of his truck… yes, I had to crawl under the truck cover to load our stuff while the other campers in their RVs laughed and watched (I can only imagine!) hahaha… it was hilarious nonetheless!


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