GIANT SPOTTED BASS (Scott Martin FLW: Lewis Smith Lake)

I’m a huge fan of fishing shows/tournament coverage including Bassmasters, FLW, Major League Fishing and Ultimate Match Fishing just to name a few. I highly …


Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishing at the Schuylkill River

Location: Schuylkill River, PA Date: 4/6/13 Time Fished: 7:00 am – 8:30 am Air Temp: 48 Water Temp: 50 degrees Conditions: sunny, 8 mph winds Lures Used: …


LIVE Crawfish Bass Fishing Challenge!!

We pulled a Cajun technique out of the playbook and went bass fishing with live crawfish! I didn’t know what to expect at first, but it easily turned into one of the top 5 fishing trips of my life. Corey and I relaxed and watched deer running around the lake as the crawfish did all the work for us. We boated several Winter chunks and I feel pretty confident that you will see another live bait trip coming up in the future. Hit that thumbs up if you want to see us catch more big bass on live craw daddies!

Our Setup:
6’10 G.Loomis Shakeyhead Rod
Shimano Stradic Ci4
12 lb. Vicious Fluoro
1/0 Mustad DropShot Hook

Flipping Setup:
7′ G.Loomis IMX
Lews Pro Mag
17 lb. Stren
3/0 Mustad Grip Pin

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Swim Jigging Largemouth Bass – Dave Mercer’s Facts of Fishing 2016 Full Episode #2

This week on Fact’s of Fishing Dave proves that just about anything will eat a swim jig when your local lake is in bloom.


What Lures to Match With a Medium Fishing Rod – Bass Fishing

To continue my series on what bass fishing lures go with what rods this video covers the Medium Fast rod. It’s my favorite rod and covers a lot of lures in my box.

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Baby bassing

Little demo session my daughter didnt like the hairtrick thing going to get her earmuffs but she loved the paper trick I got get to put it in the window hehehe.


Baby bassing

Little demo session my daughter didnt like the hairtrick thing going to get her earmuffs but she loved the paper trick I got get to put it in the window hehehe.


Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Edited)

Subscribe here: Nicki Minaj’s new album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ is out now! Buy it here:


Early Morning Topwater Bass Fishing

WATCH IN HD. Bass Fishing in the the morning with poppers



I randomly decided to take a 6 hour road trip with a couple buddies of mine to a place I haven’t been since I was 14 years old! This is a fishing adventure I have …


Breast Cancer Awareness Bass Fishing Challenge!

Breast Cancer Awareness Bass Fishing Challenge! Yup, all pink lure challenge!

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Oldschool Runescape Fishing bot! Lobsters Sharks trouts salmons karambwan

Sorry for the Video, but it mainly shows present bot, because I updated script. This Bot is …


Mike Iaconelli’s Bass Fishing Rod & Reel Arsenal!

Ike takes you into his shop and discusses his top three most used bass fishing combos. Of the dozens of rods that Ike uses throughout the year, these three in particular become the most valuable, versatile rods in his boat!

Ike’s TOP 3 Bass Fishing Combos!

1. Abu Garcia “Ike” Series Spin Rod 7’2″ Medium
Abu Garcia Revo MGX spinning reel (30 size)

2. Abu Garcia “Ike” Series Delay Cast Rod 7’3″ Medium
Abu Garcia REVO Premier Generation 3 Casting Reel 6:4:1

3. Abu Garcia “Ike” Power Series Cast Rod 7’4″ Med Hvy
Abu Garcia REVO MGXTREME2 Casting Reel

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Jerkbait Spotted Bass

A fall Lake Lanier spot falls for the Spotsticker Baits jerkbait!


Kayak Bass Fishing –Top 3 Baits For River Smallmouth

Here are my top 3 recommendations for catching river smallmouth bass. Of course these are not the only thing that will catch smallmouth bass!!!!!So don’t loose …


Japan Bass Fishing (TAIRYO SEIKATSU Vol.64 / JACKALL)

Date:August, 2012
Field:Kyuyoshino river in Tokushima Prefecture
Angler:Toshirou Ono
Lure:JACO 58SR(Crank Bait)、Cobra Tail 5.8″(Worm)、IOBEE (Frog Bait)
Program content:JACO 58SR is used by straight retrieve for Shallow.
Cobra Tail 5.8″ shoots the shallow cover using the nekorig.
IOBEE is given up into the shade which shallow has and is used by dog walk.


How To Catch River Bass | Bass Fishing

River bass tips & tactics – Learn how to catch big largemouth and smallmouth bass in rivers – what to use, how to use them and where to fish them, all combined …


Building a BASS Fishing ARSENAL?!? Bait & Lure Pro Tips

Are you ready to build your bass fishing arsenal? Want to select the best baits and lures for getting started in bass fishing? This video is filled with PRO secret tips, like “top-to-bottom” that will help you select the best lures and artificial baits to catch more fish. Learn to catch fish from the water surface (where frogs and other creatures swim on top), to the middle of the water column (where baitfish swim) to the bottom (where crawfish and other creatures move around on the lake bottom). Learn about surface or topwater lures (frogs, walking baits and poppers), also middle zone baits (crankbaits, chatterbaits & spinnerbaits) and bottom baits like soft plastic baits.

This bass fishing video will help you learn how to fill your tackle box with effective lures that catch bass. Having the right bait will help you have fun and catch a lot of fish. If you want more secret pro tips, we have an entire series of basic bass fishing tips for beginners at along with 400+ other intermediate and advanced bass fishing videos and seminars that will teach you how to catch bass!

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Coolest rig on the road

Old skool is coming.


#DirtyLife Cypher Sunday Ep 18 (Que Cee x Fresco x Grey Sky Appeal x Adam Burns) Dirty Life Studio

Que Cee – @qc115th – Fresco Van Gogh – @frescovangogh – Grey Sky Appeal …


Bass Fishing in Rainy Conditions

What to do when it’s rainy, when there is a weather change, cold fronts. It’s all about adjusting to the conditions. Fishing can be tough at times in the fall and during these fronts. Watch these series of videos for some help on your next not easy day on the water.

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It was tough for me, but I wanted to show you how fronts and rain can affect the way fish act. If you time it right, it can be really good, or it could be tough… Like this trip

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Futuristic Digital Reel VS. Old Vintage Reel — Fishing CHALLENGE

The ultimate fishing reel show down!! How big of a difference is it to fish with a 30+ year old fishing and put it to the test against to an alien tech fishing reel?


How To Detect A Bite | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to learn what a bite feels like when fish bites a soft plastic bait. You’ll know how to tell when a fish bites your plastic lure after watching this video.

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How To Rig and Use the (Mojo) Splitshot Rig:

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Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish a Plastic Worm

Are you wondering how to catch bass on a worm? Check out this quick informative video as I go over MY TOP 3 WAYS I like to fish a worm to catch bass. These 3 techniques can be used with almost any worm, no matter the shape, size, or cover you are fishing. Although there are dozens of ways to fish a worm to catch bass, these are my favorite 3. If you enjoyed this video make sure to give it a LIKE, leave a COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!!!! Thanks for watching!!!

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Items Used:
2/0 Wacky Hook
4/0 EWG Hook
1/8oz Shaky Head
1/2oz Tungsten Weight
O-Wacky Tool
Nail Weight
Gary Yamamoto 7.75″ Kut Tail Worm
15lb braid
12lb fluorocarbon leader
30lb braid
6 10″ Castaway Drop Shot Special Skeleton V2 rod
7 2″ Castaway Mag Medium Heavy Worm and Jig Skeleton V2 Rod
Lews Tournament MB 8.3:1 Reel

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