Oregon State Bass Fishing: Reeling in the Big One

I’m a little bit more relaxed. He’s a little
more high strung. Yeah it kind of balancesout, like I mean we both fish hard and I don’t
know, I’m just more energetic. Like I getreally pumped up, like even if where not catching
them, I don’t know I kind of just keep my. . . I don’t know. But we fish good together, we
both fished all of our lives. So we fish reallygood together. I mean there will be days where
I don’t catch a fish, he’ll catch them all. There will be days he doesn’t catch fish,
I’ll catch them all. I mean a lot of peoplethink like, “oh you just sit in there. ” But
ok you come out here. . . . Especially when itgets hotter, even when its cold. You’re standing
out in the elements for like 9 hours, it weighsdown on you. You’re casting, its almost like
pitching. Our 3 day turbans take a while. You pre fish the day before, I mean you’re
up at. . . you’re on the lake by 6. You gotto get up, get your gear ready in the morning
then your fishing till 3 o’clock that daythen you have weigh in. You don’t get done
till 6. Then you go eat your one meal forthe day. Go back home, get all your stuff
ready for the next day and then hopefullyget to bed by midnight. Yeah I mean 6 is our
later ones, some of the tournaments you’regetting up at like 4, even sometimes like
3. For tomorrow were getting up about 3. Weget on national television we wear our jerseys.
We get a lot of exposure compared to mostclub sports, and even some NCAA sports. Yeah
because you don’t see a lot of teams especiallythe fishing teams coming from Oregon, its
kind of not the well known bass area, andin California is probably the most known on
the west coast. West coast gets overlookeda lot, so its cool having a Beaver team, feeling
pretty good.

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