Oliver Ngy Bounces a 10lb Bass and Talks a LOT – The Green Room Episode 2

Welcome to the 2nd episode of “The Green Room”!!! A brand new series that will ONLY LIVE on Oliver Ngy’s new channel!!! This is going to be a film watching series of video where we are going to go back and look at some content in depth much like professional athletes do to learn from some of the amazing experiences Oliver has been fortunate to live, capture and now share with you guys here! If you haven’t already, Subscribe to his channel today, turn on the notifications, and join the discussion!

On this day, Oliver walks us through some of his mindset, the conditions and the overall experience leading up to the successful bouncing of a 10lb 5oz largemouth bass that decided to eat a Jerry Rago 11″ Soft Tool on the first cast of the day (with that lure that is).

Look for some technical insight, mechanics breakdowns, fish behavior observations and various other learning opportunities as we go down memory lane and pick apart some of the dope fishing he’s got to do in his career!

Make sure to stay tuned into the Big Bass Dreams YouTube Channel as well as this one, as you’re going to be getting different content than what you’ve been accustomed to seeing through the BBD platforms.

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