Jane Wants a Boyfriend

The story chronicles a week in the life of Jane (Louisa Krause) – a bright-eyed young woman in her mid-twenties, living with autism – and her overprotective, and recently engaged older sister, Bianca (Eliza Dushku). When their parents announce that they are selling their house in Queens and moving to the suburbs of New Jersey, they propose the sisters move in together – a suggestion that forces Bianca to re-examine her relationship with her sister. As the two spend more time together, Jane bravely brings up that she wants to find a boyfriend – someone as special as Bianca’s fiancé. Bianca goes on the hunt to find her the perfect match, pessimistic that she will find someone accepting of Jane’s “”differences.”” Unbeknownst to Bianca, her good friend Jack (Gabriel Ebert), a womanizing sous chef who wants to change his ways, becomes enamored with Jane, and goes behind Bianca back to ask her out on a date. As the innocent Jane embarks on new territory, and as Bianca worries that Jane’s heart will be broken, they open up a new chapter in their relationship as sisters, and begin to really understand each other for the first time.


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