It's FINALLY here | Post-Spawn Bass Fishing (2019)

Post spawn Bass Fishing- Howdy folks! Water temps are rising and fish are coming off the beds and are HUNGRY. Ended up with a pretty nice bag at the end of the day. The 2 biggest fish were caught on a Zoom Fluke and a Spro Killer Gill Bronzeye 65 Frog (Linked below)

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Rod/ Reel Setups:
Cadence CB8 Baitcast Reel:
Cadence Casting rod (7′-3″MH):
Zoom Magnum Worm:
Owner Offset 5/0 Hook:

Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel:
Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod:
Wacky Rig Hook:
Watermelon Seed Fluke:

Camera Used- GoPro Hero 7:

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