How to Spool Line onto your Reel and Prevent Fishing Line Twist (Spinning Reels)

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Here at Thundermist Lure Company, we’ve been asked several times “How do I spool line onto my reel properly?”, and “How can I avoid fishing line twist”. So we’ve put together a short 4-minute video with 4 key tips on how to spool line onto your reel and preventing line twist while you’re on the water.

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The most basic tip – getting your line on there.
Tie a single knot in the end of your line and cut off the tag end. Take your line just before the knot and make a loop. Then pull a little bit of your line through your loop and pull it snug to create a lasso.

Open your lasso big enough to slip over your spool and pull your line tight. The line will stop when it hits that initial knot that you made.

For the next step, pinch your line to the rod so that its a little bit snug and hold it there to keep the movement smooth.

The second tip is based on a common mistake. When spinning the line onto your spool, do not hold the original spool in parallel to the fishing rod. Hold it perpendicular to the fishing rod. This way the line comes off the spool in the same motion as it is wound on your fishing rod spool.

Once you’re spooled up, the third tip indicates how much line to put on your spool. You never want to fill the entire spool. If you fill the spool to the top you will run into problems like having the line jump off and creating line twists. I left about 1/16th of an inch at the front of the spool. The back of the spool typically has a little more space.

The fourth tip is for while you’re fishing. This step is very important but not commonly used. After casting your line, once you close your bail, make sure your line is on your line roller. Often when you cast, the wind will take your line and coil it and create a wrap in your spool. It will get caught on your bail arm or on the side of your bail and your roller. You always want to make sure that your fishing line is on the roller. Once you do this once or twice it becomes natural. Toss your line out, pull it onto the line roller and then start reeling.

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