How To Make Gold With Fishing in TBC Classic – Fishing Goldmaking Guide

Fishing is a great profession to have for pretty much everyone and can get you a lot of gold over time! Fishing is also a tertiary profession that everyone can grab regardless of your main professions so those of you who are planning to have dual crafting professions can also skill up Fishing so you can farm gold when you need gold! In this video we will go through how to make gold with fishing in TBC Classic, the essential information you will need for Fishing in TBC Classic, aswell as the Fishing Daily Quest in TBC Classic, and more! So get ready, and join me in this Fishing Goldmaking Guide!

TBC Fishing Guide:

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This video is meant to show you how to make gold with fishing in TBC Classic and it’s a TBC Fishing Goldmaking Guide, not a TBC Professions Guide, but only a Fishing Guide. Fishing is a great professions to have for Goldfarming in TBC and can actually be insanely lucrative!

0:00 How To Make Gold With Fishing in TBC Classic
0:33 Different Fishing Schools in Outland
2:40 Weather-Beaten Journal TBC
2:56 Fishing Daily Quest in TBC Classic
4:01 Pure Water Fishing in Nagrand
4:57 Highland Mixed School Fishing in TBC Classic
5:28 Fishing in TBC Classic
5:54 Figluster’s Mudfish
6:01 Icefin Bluefish
6:19 Stat Buff Food
6:36 Fishing Goldmaking in TBC Classic
7:10 Recap & Outro
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