How To Fish For Smallmouth Bass Using Tube Jigs – A Dedication to our Father

There was a mistake in the previous version were we forgot a very important clip. This version is the correct one. Thanks for your understanding.

Hello folks, this week we have a really special video for you. This video was made in honour of our father, whom we recently lost to cancer. His favourite kind of fishing is smallmouth bass fishing. So in honour of him, we’ve made this special video on how to fish for smallmouth bass using tube jigs. His last fishing trip was about a year ago today.

We go over a lot of special tips that will help you land more fish, and hook into more of those wonderful smallmouth bass.

We’ve been very honoured to have been able to teach you our fishing tricks and trips over these past 5 years, just as our father was able to teach us. Thank you.

We hope you enjoy the video.

As always, good fishin’!


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