Hot Summer Bass Fishing Techniques and Gun Shots

It’s been a hot summer already here in Texas. With almost no wind, and high humidity, bass fishing on this day was tough. We arrived at the lake around 10AM, but there were still a few topwater bass active when we got there. Somebody must have been shooting at a snake or a beaver or something, because there were some random gun shots that were pretty close. Not my first time having bullets fly around the boat in east Texas…

The shad were mostly suspended just a few feet below the surface, staying above the thermocline. The best pattern was fishing an old road bed with crankbaits. The road had some old big trees along the side of it that were holding most of the bigger bass. This was a typical tough summer bass fishing day in Texas that calls for a variety of techniques to bring numbers of bass in.
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Check out my buddy Shaine’s Tackle Site

Shaine’s Awesome Crankbait (JACKALL ASKA 70) link to Shaine’s Site

The Swimbait I used (4.8″ Jackall Rhythm Wave)

My Rod and Reel Set up
Shimano Chronarch Ci4 with Shimano Zodias 7’2″ MH and 50LB Power Pro Max Cuatro with 1/4 oz Moaner Swimming Sticker Hook

DSLR Body- Panasonic GH4
Lens – Canon L 24-105mm
Static Shot – Gopro Hero 4 Black (30fps Wide Angle)

Sony Lav Mics- UWP-D11

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