Frog Fishing for Giant Bass at a Private Lake Orlando, Florida

Frog fishing for giant Bass at a private lake in Orlando, Florida. Who wouldn’t want to do that? If that’s what you’re looking for, here it is. We’re on a private, top secret, lake located somewhere in Orlando, Florida. I’m fishing with Steven Davis. He has access to the lake… I don’t. I promised I wouldn’t disclose it’s exact location if he took me there. He’s been telling me that it has some GIANT fish in it. He was right. In just over 5 hours, we boated a 5 fish limit, mostly on topwater frogs, weighing in at over 37 lbs. That’s absolute craziness! And, I caught my PB frog Bass that weighed 9lbs 13 oz. When I thought it was all over, Steve catches a nearly 8 pound Bass, out in the middle of the lake, trolling a spinnerbait behind the boat! What! This is the best topwater frog video I’ve ever done, and quite possibly the best video I’ve ever done. We caught all the big fish on a SnagProof Wabbletron frog, Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog, and a War Eagle Spinnerbait.

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Chuck Pippin Jr.
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