Fishing a Secret Abandon Quarry for Largemouth Bass

September 14, 2017
This is a big quarry lake by my house there isn’t really much of a place to fish here and people are all over this spot like flies on… well you know the saying. So, I found my own spot. It may appear that I’am trespassing, but this is on public property and the only signs that are posted state, “Not Responsible for Unauthorized Entry.” To me that means, “Enter at your own risk.” Either way I plan on going back to this spot so say what you will in the comments below and why your at it why don’t you slap that Like Button and Subscribe for More. As always thank you for watching my videos!!

Rod & Reel:
Spinning Combo –

Casting combo –

SpyBait – Duo Realis Spinbait 90

Jig – Strike King Bitsy Flip Jig

Swimbait – RAW10B-05

Spinner –
Test – 6lb

Casting –
Test – 12

Song: – with u always
Listen here –

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