Fall Bank Fishing with PowerBait Craws – Bass Fishing Soft Plastics

It’s fall and I am out bass fishing the bank with PowerBait soft plastic craws. I am trying both the Chigger Craw and the Power Claw. I get off to a shaky start when I am thrown off my game. Some guy in a boat pulls right up to the bank I am about to fish. After he leaves the area I finally get a bite on the PowerBait Power Claw, but I fail to hook the fish. I continue fishing and get another bite on the same craw, but this time my line snaps on some concrete rip rap in the water. Now frustrated, I change lures to a soft plastic Chigger Craw. I finally catch a bass at Snag Central despite being shaken. In this fall bass fishing showdown between the PowerBait Craws, the Chigger Craw comes out on top.

Here is another video showing how courteous local boaters are:


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