Exact Cast Bass Fishing Intro

New launch of mobile app used for bass tournaments! This video explains where the idea for Exact Cast Bass Fishing came from and how the app can be used. Great for fishing shallow or offshore. App is available in the app store now!

Website to app: www.exactcastfishing.com

I had the idea for Exact Cast Bass Fishing come to me while I was pre fishing for the FLW Costa Series event on Sam Rayburn in early 2016. I practiced for 3 full days and decided that pitching flooded bushes and trees was going to be my main plan of action. I was having about 20 bites a day which most of them I was shaking off and not setting the hook. Every time I would get a bite I would mark the area with a waypoint, but after several waypoints I began to realize that once day one of the tournament arrived I would have all of these waypoints that were basically telling me I had a bite somewhere in this general area. I wanted a way to tell me EXACTLY where I had the bite, not just a general area. I wanted something that would help me be as efficient as possible and help me make the best use of my time on tournament days. Exact Cast Bass Fishing solves all of these issues. For me, it’s a game changer when I go back to a waypoint in a tournament and have a way to know every little detail of what happened there in practice. Exact Cast also helps build one of the most important factors in competitive bass fishing: CONFIDENCE. The cool thing is, we don’t just have to be fishing high water conditions to benefit from Exact Cast Bass Fishing. We can use it to mark bed fish or use it as a tool for offshore fishing as a way to mark the exact angle to make our cast when we may not have nearby objects to reference. It will also eliminate us having to idle around to find an offshore spot or idling over a school of bass. With the app, we simply get to the area and start fishing, which saves time and increases efficiency. I and other anglers will always have 2 or more graphs in our boat, this will never change. Exact Cast Bass Fishing is simply a way to dig down deeper into all of those waypoints we are creating.