CLP Speaker Series – The Future is in Your Hands: From "Up or Out" to "Out or Up"?

Moray McLaren
Director, Redstone Consultants

Elena Garrigues
Head of Business Development & Innovation, Garrigues

We are living in times of change, and law is no exception. The market for legal services is being reconstructed before our eyes. It is still unclear what that change will mean, and the impact that it will have on the careers of law graduates.

What is clear is that clients are in the driving seat. As we face a period of constant economic uncertainty, it would appear that living with change is the only constant. Are current law models, that have served us well for over a century, becoming obsolete?

In tandem, a new generation of young lawyers are voting with their feet. The very foundations of the law firm model – relying as it does on “up or out” with the long-term career motivation to make partner – are already looking shaky.

In response, new models are emerging. Just as Classic Coke has been joined on the shelf by Diet, Zero and Cherry Coke, “new law” is being offered by law firms and alternative legal providers alike.

So, what does this mean to me?

Alternative approaches to law means new skills are required with different job options and a wider range of career paths. In this session, we will be exploring what this means in practical terms to you as the next generation of law graduates.

The question we will be asking is whether “old law” will continue to be relevant for young lawyers – as that does imply change – or whether “new” law (with their “Google-like” approaches) will be more attractive? And by 2025 who from your class will be a “lawyer” as we think of it today or instead a legal technologist, legal project manager or law-entrepreneur?

We will not be providing the answers, however, you will. We ask you to come prepared to share your thoughts with the group. The future is in your hands, lets find out what you plan to do with it.

About Moray McLaren:

Moray is a Director at Redstone, the global consultancy group. He has been advising knowledge businesses for over 20 years, including the top global and independent law firms.

He chairs the Strategy Working Group of the International Bar Association (IBA) and is a member of the Advisory Board of Law Without Walls. Recent years have seen him focus on emerging markets, including Latin America and Africa. In 2005 he co-founded the Iberian Legal Group, publishers of Iberian Lawyer and The Latin American Lawyer and network managers of the In-House Club and Global Compliance Club. He was editor-in-chief until 2012.

A former practicing lawyer with an MBA in legal services, Moray is also an Associate Professor at IE Business School in Madrid – ranked as Europe´s number one business school by the Financial Times in 2013 and 2014. He is a qualified mediator and accredited business coach.

About Elena Garrigues:

Elena is a former investment banker, who now leads business development and innovation at one of Europe´s largest law firms, Garrigues.

She worked in New York, London and Madrid for JPMorgan Chase in Corporate Finance and Wealth Management for over a decade. Also in New York, as part of a sabbatical period, Elena managed an art gallery. Before that, she was a journalist covering international topics, ending up as foreign correspondent in Brussels of the Spanish media group “Grupo 16”, specializing on EU and NATO affairs.

As part of her work at Garrigues, the firm has been recognised by the Financial Times as “Most innovative law firm in continental Europe” in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. She has been a speaker on innovation and communications at ESADE, IE and Porto business schools. Elena has degrees in Law and Business Administration (ICADE, Madrid), a Master in Journalism (Columbia University, NY) and a Master in International Comparative Law (Vrije Universiteit, Brussels).

She has recently embraced photography – already with several solo exhibitions in Madrid and Paris.


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