Bone Creek/Big Hill Tournment

Bone Creek, Big Hill tournment with Kansas Bassmaster’s was a good one. Even though me and my partner Reggie did’nt do very good in place wise, we still caught a decent amount of fish. Bone Creek started off on fire for me. I was throwing a spinner bait right up against vertical trees and they were smaking it first thing in the morning. After the sun started pointing down on us the bite shut off. My partner pick up a few on a 8″ worm hoping it down the ledges. Now Big Hill for day two, started off with light rain at launch and it just got worse. We roll up on the first sport and it is ideal conditions for topwater. Light rain, laydowns and 86 degreee water temp. For the life of me though I could not buy a topwater bite. We went up river and I started power fishing, throwing a Strike King swim jig paired up with a V&M trailer. We moved along this grass line with some standing timber and I see this cut out on the weedline and i had my eyes on it. I made a cast just past it and let it sink and just slow rolled it , keeping contact with the bottom and BOOM 5lber smoked it. All and all it was a great weekend of fishing! Keep tuning in for new videos and shoot me a message what you guys want me to cover.


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