Big bass hopper! – A grasshopper fly for large fish – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial

The grasshoppers here in Texas are massive, and I suspect that fish love eating them! since I have not fished anywhere that almost all species of fish love to eat all types of terrestrials including grasshoppers. So I made a large, segmented body hopper fly that can be tied on a sturdy streamer hook that I think will work wonders for bass! I just moved to the San Antonio or Austin area and can’t wait to fly fish the rivers around this area that hold bass of all kinds! Largemouth, smallmouth, striped bass, and even Guadeloupe bass. All I think will love eating this fly! And fishing dry flies, and watching fish rise to devour them is one of the best feelings in the fishing world. So I cannot wait to see bass come up and annihilate this large dry fly.

As always here is a list of the materials I used on this fly.
Hook : Risen streamer 300 size 6 –
Thread : Veevus 140 in brown –
Hook wrap : Gold chenille –
Body : 2mm foam in gold and brown –
Legs : Jig skirt replacements –
Flash : Gold krystal flash –
Wing : Bleached elk hair –
Adhesive : Brush on superglue –
Marker : Brown sharpie –

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