BFS epic Topwater Bass fishing session kuying teton megabass pop x

the topwater bite was on and the megabass pop-x popper in the white python was on fire and working great..
for me the funnest way to catch bass is on topwater baits and using the ul kuying teton only makes it that much more fun..
the bite was so good and i caught so many bass i had to break up the session into two different videos so be sure and check out part 2 since it has the biggest bass catch on it..
whenever you get a chance to use bfs gear to go fishing is always a plus to me and the kuying teton along with the aldebaran bfs xg is the perfect combination for throwing the smaller poppers like the megabass…
the pop-x weighs in at around a 1/4oz. and is at the top of the bfs weight range but the ul rod handles it very well and you can really send it out on a cast…


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