Bass Fishing: Mary Jo Peckham Park

I had an awesome spawning season at a public park near me! The first bass in the video was caught on a jig and weighed 7lbs11oz. Then it shows the jig I used which is an m-pack 3/8oz spring craw. The second fish at around 4lbs was caught on a pumpkin senko. The next bass was the first spawning fish of the year at 4lbs5oz. Next was a 3lber caught twitching a fluke. Then the 6lb 15oz pig I caught on a Huddleston swimbait! This fish took me 4 hours to get her to eat but it was definitely worth it. Lastly was a 3lb 6oz fish caught on a shakes head with a zoom lizard. Then the pictures at the end are of the 8lb 5oz giant I caught but unfortunately did not get it on video. Anybody who has fished here knows this place is way overfished and is very difficult to catch a bass. Some of these fish are probably the biggest fish caught at Peckham.


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