A Day in the Life of a Tournament Bass Fisherman; Pomme de Terre, Oct 13th,2018

A Day in the Life of a Tournament Bass Fisherman; Pomme de Terre, Oct 13th,2018

Hi, my name is Randy Yancey!

I’m a lot of things,

I’m a father of 3 a grampa of 3, soon to be 4, a bass fishing fool for over 50 years, and a tournament bass fisherman!

As a long time club and tournament bass fisherman, many of you know that some trips you catch a lot of fish but not many bigger ones.

And, sometimes you catch just a few fish and they’re are all pretty good sized, just not enough of them.

Then there are the days you catch a good amount of both!

Saturday, October 13th was one of those days the fish bit good, but out of a dozen or more, only 4 keepers and nothing bigger than a couple pounds.

This was day 1 of the Tri County Bass Clubs season championship out of Nemo park at Pomme de Terre lake!

Lots of the guys had zero keepers, and my limit of 4 ended up being the fifth heaviest bag of 17-18 fisherman who took off at 7 am!

From 7 until 10, I had all 4 keepers in the boat and had lost the biggest fish of the day probably, when it hung my crankbait on a stickup.

I caught almost all my fish on one of two of my

#13fishing reels and all were caught on a #Rapala DT6 crankbait, in either ‘mule’ color or ‘chart/green’ back color.

Most were caught between docks, rather shallow in ‘one’ cove north of Nemo bridge!

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Thanks for watching!

Randy Yancey, tournament bass angler and webmaster/owner of www.largemouthbassnation.com and on Facebook/largemouthbassnation and Instagram @largemouth_bass_nation!

Tight lines and catch some biguns!!

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